What Messages and Teachings do
Wolf and Sturgeon Bring in a Dream?


“I once dreamt that I was at an aquarium and I saw this really prehistoric like fish that turned into a wolf that watched me pacing back and forth. Suddenly the glass between us disappeared and we stood eye to eye...a melding happened and I wasn't afraid. I had to go look up the fish. It was a sturgeon. I'd never heard of it. It was such a visually detailed dream....the scales of the fish and the fur and eyes of the wolf! I wonder what it meant.”



This is an amazing dream, and you would need to look back at what was occurring in your life emotionally at the time. I know emotions are involved because water is prominent here.

Aquariums represent a perfect eco system, a perfect balance so that all can survive.

Sturgeon medicine, or totem, is associated with the king of fishes, King refers to God or Divine Source Energy, depending on your spiritual tradition and whatever you call your higher power. Fish, in general, are very symbolic, especially in the Christian tradition, and are referenced many times in the Bible. If you are not familiar, let me know and I can expand. The Ojibwa Nation, and Native Americans in general, have even named clans after Sturgeon, representing depth and strength. Sturgeon lives in quiet, lake-like settings.

There is a teaching: “The treasure house is within,” and that applies to Sturgeon because their eggs (new life) are caviar, a delicacy. Prehistoric means old, so an old lesson. Sturgeon teaches determination, perseverance, depth, knowledge, generosity, and strength.

Wolf is all about guardianship, ritual, loyalty and spirit. Wolf is highly intelligent with a strong sense of family, and are also found as the name of Native American clans, specifically, Cherokee. Wolf reminds us not to waste. They have a keen sense of smell and hearing. They discriminate and avoid trouble, teaching us to listen to our inner thoughts and guiding. You are asked to trust your insights and Wolf guards you from inappropriate actions. Wolf helps lead you to a new journey and helps you take control of your life. This will lead you to the true spirit of freedom.

The glass wall means invisible boundaries, but you know it is there. Once the wall disappears, the merging occurs, and you are not afraid. Wolf is there as your guardian. Balance between the spiritual and the physical has occurred.


Pacing back and forth shows you are in anticipation of this change coming in and, perhaps, worrying about it. No - you have everything you need, and it is there for you. No need to pace or worry. I believe, though, that on some higher level, you were aware that this change or transformation was coming in for you and, on a deep level, you knew there was really nothing to fear.

The reason the scales (protection) and the fur (protection) and eyes (windows to the soul) are prominent is because you are being shown that protection manifests in many ways – it doesn’t have to be hard – it can be soft, and you will feel and know you can be protected in a more soft, rather than hardened way. You are being asked to see, through the guardian’s eyes, that protection is there with you, and you can live in a softer way.

Was Wolf was on your right or your left. If to the right, a spiritual message. If to the left, a message about your physical existence. Either way, it’s a very encouraging dream for the circumstances occurring in your life at that time.

**NOTE: Upon hearing the interpretation, my client told me that this dream occurred 10 years ago during the breakup of a relationship that needed to end.

The amazing thing about spirit guidance in dreams is that things show up you are totally unaware of, and this is an affirmation that the messages you receive are from a spiritual source, and that your prayers or calls to the Universe  are heard.

May I help you understand a dream? I’m ready to assist!

--Char, dreamintuitive.com

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